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European data protection authorities
The WP 29 adopts EU-US Privacy Shield FAQs for Individuals and companies

At the December plenary, the WP29 had the opportunity to further define the implementation of the Privacy Shield. To this end, the WP29 adopted specific communication tools for both individuals and companies. These tools can be used by each national Data Protection Authority (DPA) as a basis for their own communication.

Moreover, the plenary meeting was marked by the auditioning of U.S. representatives from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and from the EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Ombudsperson.

The WP29 considers that it is important to establish a strong collaboration with its U.S. counterparts on the practical aspects of the Privacy Shield. The WP29 confirmed that it will take on the role of the "EU centralized body". The EU centralized body is the EU individual complaint handling body set up under the Privacy Shield mechanism to channel complaint requests regarding data transferred to the U.S. for commercial purposes and further accessed for national security purposes.

The WP29 will continue its work and finalize the implementing measures for the "EU centralized body" and for the "EU informal panel of DPAs" (in charge of commercial complaints) at the next plenary meeting, scheduled in February 2017. Finally, the WP29 has continued to reflect on the content of the joint annual review of the Privacy Shield to be conducted by the European Commission with the participation of DPAs in 2017.