Europol Joint Supervisory Authority

The Europol Joint Supervisory Authority (JSA) is an independent authority responsible for supervising the Europol Information System (EIS). The headquarters of the Europol JSA are in Brussels.


The members of the Europol JSA are representatives of the national data protection authorities of those countries that are parties to the Europol Convention of 24 July 1996.

Tasks and duties

  • Supervision of the activities of Europol in order to prevent the rights of the individual being infringed by the processing of data available to Europol.

  • Ensuring the legitimacy of Europol's working methods.

  • If necessary, drawing up proposals for solutions to existing problems.

  • The Europol JSA is authorised to receive from Europol any information necessary for the proper performance of its tasks and to access any Europol documents or files and have access to all Europol's official areas.

Guarantee of the citizen's right of inspection

In order to guarantee exercise of the citizen's right of inspection, the Europol JSA has set up an appeals committee. This committee is responsible for examining any complaints made by citizens if such complaints refer to the exercise of the right of inspection or the correction or deletion of data.

The representatives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  • Ms Tine A. Larsen, member of the national supervisory authority, chair of the CNPD;
  • Mr Thierry LALLEMANG, member of the national supervisory authority, commissioner of the CNPD.

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