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Authorisation request

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Practical Information


125 Euro for a notification,

75 Euro for a notification modification.

The fee is reduced by 25 Euro (down to 100 resp. 50),  if the notification is introduced on paper as well as electronically. For every notification (or modification) with a valid electronical signature the fee amounts also to 100 (resp. 50) Euro 

The payment of the fee must be made onto the following bank account:

IBAN LU31 1111 2052 2570 0000 (BIC: CCPLLULL)


National Commission for Data Protection

1, avenue du Rock’n’Roll
L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel. : (+352) 26 10 60 - 1
Fax: (+352) 26 10 60 - 29

Contact E-mail

Videosurveillance is generally considered to be a highly privacy-invasive technology and affects the unobserved freedom of movement of people captured by cameras. For this reason, video cameras are subject to prior authorization by the National Commission (except systems not filming employees within their workplace and without any recording).

The corresponding form is available below.

Given the impact of a videosurveillance system on the privacy of the persons concerned, such a system may only be authorized if it is justified by characteristic risks, and only for areas where these risks are tangible.

Therefore, the following elements are essential when introducing a prior request for authorization:

  • a precise and detailed description of the purposes of the surveillance and of the risks to be prevented,
  • a distinction between the different installation areas,
  • a precise description of the visual field of the cameras (i.e. a description of what can be seen on the images captured by the cameras)

In certain installation areas, the rights of the data subjects outweigh the need of a videosurveillance, even in the presence of characteristic risks. For instance, the law prohibits surveillance within dining rooms of restaurants or within the employees’ break rooms, as well as permanent supervision of the employees.

The request form needs to be dated and signed (in written or electronical form). Adobe Reader (8.0 or higher) is required in order to be able to fill in the form.

Note: If the request is submitted by e-mail with an electronic signature, please consider encrypting your data using an encryption tool or a simple password protected archive, where the password can be communicated to the National Commission by phone.