International data transfers

4. International cooperation in the field of Police and Justice

Transfers of personal data may take place between different countries in the context of international cooperation in the field of Police and Justice, in accordance with existing international agreements or treaties. Cross-national supervisory authorities (e.g. Europol, Eurojust) apply data protection principles in the context of their activities.

The European Union has signed bilateral passenger name record (PNR) agreements with the United States of America, Canada and Australia. PNR data is information provided by passengers when they book tickets and when checking in for flights, as well as data collected by air carriers for their own commercial purposes. PNR data can be used by law enforcement authorities to fight serious crime and terrorism. The transfer of PNR data from the EU to third countries can only be done through a bilateral agreement that provides for a high level of personal data protection.

The European Union has also signed a bilateral agreement with the United States of America regarding the transfer of financial data, called “Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme” (TFTP).

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