EDPB Launches Data Protection Guide for small business

The EDPB has launched a Data Protection Guide for small business. It aims to provide practical information to SMEs about GDPR compliance in an accessible and easily understandable format.

The Guide covers various aspects of the GDPR, from data protection basics, to data subject rights, measures to secure personal data, and more. It contains videos, infographics, interactive flowcharts, and other practical materials to help SMEs on their way to become GDPR compliant. In addition, the Guide contains an overview of existing materials developed for SMEs by the national Data Protection Authorities.

The Guide is currently available in English and will be made available in the different EU languages in the near future.

The Guide is one of the EDPB’s awareness raising actions for 2023 and was included as a key initiative in the EDPB’s 2021-2023 Strategy.


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