The CNPD is a collegiate body with three effective members and three substitute members.

It operates in the form of a public establishment under the supervision of the Minister whose responsibilities include data protection (currently the Minister for Communications and Media, Mr. Xavier Bettel). It is nevertheless independent in the exercise of its functions.

Rules of Procedure

The CNPD's rules of procedure (see bottom of the page) define the CNPD's procedures and working methods. They also lay down the rules of procedure applicable within the CNPD, its operating conditions and its internal organisation.


The CNPD meets regularly for deliberations. It is convened either by its Chairman or at the request of two of its effective members.

Internal organisation of the CNPD

The CNPD has the assistance of:

  • a department for "keeping the public register, processing notifications (and requests for authorisation), applications and complaints and following up procedures and sanctions";
  • a "legal affairs and documentation department";
  • a "Technology, IT and logistics department";
  • a "public relations, communication and public information" department;
  • a "general administration, finances and budget" department.


The National Commission is composed of three members and three reserve members, which have been elected and will be relieved after recommendation by the Grand-Ducal goverment. The chairman is elected by the Grand-Duc himself.

The CNPD is currently composed of Ms Tine A. Larsen (President), Mr Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner) and Mr Christophe Buschmann (Commissioner). The reserve commissioner are Ms Josiane Pauly, Mr. Marc Hemmerling and Mr. François Thill.

Adjuration of Ms Tine A. Larsen and Mr.Thierry Lallemang as commissioners (3 November 2014) - from left to right: Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister, Minister for Communications and Media), Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner).

Adjuration of Mr. Christophe Buschmann (13 January 2017) as commissioner - from left to right: Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner), Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Christophe Buschmann (Commissioner).


Adjuration of Ms Josiane Pauly and Mr. François Thill as reserve commissioners (12 December 2014) - from left to right: Josiane Pauly (reserve commisioner), Tine A. Larsen (President) and François Thill (reserve commisioner). 


Adjuration of Mr. Marc Hemmerling as reserve commisioner (14 November 2014) - from left to right: Marc Hemmerling (reserve commissioner), Tine A. Larsen (President) and Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner).

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