The CNPD is a collegiate body made up of four members, one of which is a president. The members are called Data Protection Commissioners and are authorised to use the title “Commissioner”, with this title having no impact on their rank or their remuneration. Four deputy members are also appointed.

The deputy members are called to replace members of the college when they are absent or unable to attend. 

It operates in the form of a public establishment under the supervision of the Minister whose responsibilities include data protection (currently the Minister for Communications and Media, Mr. Xavier Bettel). It is nevertheless independent in the exercise of its functions.

Rules of Procedure

The CNPD shall draw up its rules of procedure, including its internal procedures and working methods. The rules of procedure shall be adopted unanimously by the members of the college in plenary session. These internal rules of procedure are published in the Official Gazette of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

The internal regulations determine:

  1. operating conditions for the CNPD;
  2. the organisation of the services of the CNPD;
  3. the procedures for convening the members of the college and holding collegiate meetings. 


The CNPD meets regularly for deliberations. The college may validly sit and deliberate only if at least three members of the college are present. The decisions shall be adopted by majority vote. If the number of votes are equal, the president has the deciding vote. Abstentions are not permitted.  

The members of the college and the deputy members cannot sit, deliberate or adopt decisions in a matter in which they have a direct or indirect interest.  


The CNPD is currently composed of Ms Tine A. Larsen (President), Mr Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner), Mr Christophe Buschmann (Commissioner) and Mr Marc Lemmer (Commissioner). The reserve commissioner are Ms Josiane Pauly, Ms Martine Kraus Mr. Marc Hemmerling and Mr. François Thill.

Adjuration of Ms Tine A. Larsen and Mr.Thierry Lallemang as commissioners (3 November 2014) - from left to right: Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister, Minister for Communications and Media), Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner).

Adjuration of Mr. Christophe Buschmann (13 January 2017) as commissioner - from left to right: Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner), Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Christophe Buschmann (Commissioner).


Adjuration of Ms Josiane Pauly and Mr. François Thill as reserve commissioners (12 December 2014) - from left to right: Josiane Pauly (reserve commisioner), Tine A. Larsen (President) and François Thill (reserve commisioner). 


Adjuration of Mr. Marc Hemmerling as reserve commisioner (14 November 2014) - from left to right: Marc Hemmerling (reserve commissioner), Tine A. Larsen (President) and Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner).

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