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  1. The CNPD wishes to inform the public that questions can be submitted at any time in writing via its online form or by letter. You can also do so via telephone from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 11:30. Commission...

  2. Specialisation for high school students

    On 26 March, CNPD legal expert Maxime Dufour spoke to students in the 1TPCE1 class at Bouneweger Lycée (LTB) about data protection in online commerce as part of the E-Commerce course. He gave them concrete examples and explained the laws...

  3. Data protection and management

    On 27 March, the CNPD took part in a conference on data management and data protection. Jérôme Commodi, CNPD investigator, and Sadia Berdaï, CNPD legal expert, presented the issues surrounding artificial intelligence and data protection, as well as the CNPD's...

  4. Raising awareness among politicians and the general public

    In anticipation of the European elections of 9 June 2024 in Luxembourg, the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) reiterates the rules to be respected in terms of personal data protection, as detailed in its updated guidelines. Key aspects addressed...

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