1. Conférence à Venise

    Privacy Symposium 2024

    Du 10 au 14 juin, la CNPD a participé au Privacy Symposium à Venise. Cette conférence vise à promouvoir le dialogue international, la coopération et le partage des connaissances sur la protection des données, la conformité et les technologies innovantes....

  2. DaProLab Reloaded: AI and data governance within organizations

    DaProLab Reloaded 2024 is now open for registrations for its upcoming session, and we invite all data protection professionals to join us on July 2, 2024. At the heart of this session: We will welcome Dury Consulting, who will address...


  1. Alto questionnaire

    ALTO, a GDPR self-assessment tool

    The objective of the ALTO project ( "DAta Protection CompLiance SupporT TOolkit") is to provide SMEs with a simple, intuitive and free self-assessment tool enabling them to integrate the GDPR obligations into their activity.