1. CNPD will be a participant at the RAID conference

    On 26 September 2023, the CNPD will be participating in the RAID (Regulation of AI, Internet and Data) conference in Brussels. The event will address the issue of the balance between the regulation of digital technologies and innovation in the...

  2. CNPD helps organise UIA seminar

    The CNPD is supporting the Union Internationale des Avocats in organising a seminar entitled "Challenges for the law of obligations, artificial intelligence, fintech, data protection and new legislation on digital services". Bonn & Schmitt, the Bars of Strasbourg, the Institut...

  3. CNPD participates in the Tech Supreme Court: AI Edition

    Maxime Dufour, an agent at the CNPD, will participate in the upcoming Tech Supreme Court, the subject of which will be artificial intelligence. Taking place on 19th October 2023 at 3 pm, the event is organised by Techsense and will...


  1. Alto questionnaire

    ALTO, a GDPR self-assessment tool

    The objective of the ALTO project ( "DAta Protection CompLiance SupporT TOolkit") is to provide SMEs with a simple, intuitive and free self-assessment tool enabling them to integrate the GDPR obligations into their activity.