Organizational chart

The CNPD is currently composed of Ms Tine A. Larsen (President), Mr. Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner), Mr. Marc Lemmer (Commissioner) and Mr. Alain Herrmann (Commissioner). The reserve commissioner are Ms Michèle Bram, Ms Martine Kraus Mr. Marc Hemmerling and Mr. François Thill.


Adjuration of Ms Tine A. Larsen and Mr.Thierry Lallemang as commissioners (3 November 2014) - from left to right: Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister, Minister for Communications and Media), Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Thierry Lallemang (Commissioner).

Adjuration of Mr. Marc Lemmer as commissioner (24 April 2019) - from left to right: Tine A. Larsen (Chair) and Marc Lemmer (Commisioner). 

Adjuration of  Mr. Alain Herrmann as commissioner (27 August 2021) - from left to right: Alain Herrmann (Commissioner) and Tine A. Larsen (Chair).

Reserve commissioners

from left to right: Marc Hemmerling, Michèle Bram, François Thill and Martine Kraus.

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