ALTO, a tool to help with GDPR compliance

Call for participation for SMEs

As part of the development of the ALTO tool, the CNPD is now launching a call for free participation to all interested SMEs as well as to professional chambers and associations to improve the protection of personal data within SMEs.


Managing personal data in accordance with the GDPR can be a challenge for SMEs, which are often at a disadvantage compared to larger organizations in terms of cost and impact, among other things. Moreover, the development of data management strategies or "controller reflexes" are rarely at the top their agenda - possible lack of knowledge and awareness on the one hand, and lack of practical information and tools on the other, could be the presumed causes. In any case, there is a need to increase awareness among SMEs of the importance of personal data protection and to support them in improving their compliance with the GDPR.

The ALTO project aims to implement a self-assessment tool to address the daily data protection challenges of SMEs.

Call for participation in 2 phases of the ALTO project:

  • Phase 1: Identifying SMEs needs

The objective is to establish the needs of SMEs and understand their data protection challenges.

In order to establish these needs, the working group will collect the requirements and opinions of the volunteer SMEs by means of an online questionnaire to be filled out or short open interviews on the topic.

  • Phase 2: test and optimize the ALTO tool implemented by the CNPD/LHC-NC3 partnership

The objective of this call is to collect feedback from the SMEs that participated in the test phase, feedback that will focus on the practicality, intuitiveness, functionality and sufficiency of the self-assessment tool to meet the ambitious objective of the ALTO project.

Who can participate in the project?

This call for participation is open to professional chambers, professional unions, their members and more generally to SMEs (up to 75 employees), start-ups and independent professionals, whatever their field of activity, wishing to contribute to improving the understanding of, and compliance with, the GDPR of these economic actors.

We are looking for participants, regardless of the status of their GDPR compliance and/or their knowledge of GDPR.

How to participate

For the 1st phase, go to the page dedicated to the online questionnaire and complete the questionnaire.

Questionnaire ALTO

For the 2nd phase, SMEs will be invited to inform the CNPD/LHC-NC3 partnership of their interest in participating in the Pilot phase, via the dedicated address The CNPD and the LHC-NC3 will be likely to consult interested SMEs on an ad hoc and limited basis throughout the development phase of the tool and, in particular, will come to the latter during the last quarter of 2023 for the effective trial of the beta-version.

An SME can freely participate in either or both phases of the ALTO project.

For more information, you can contact the CNPD by e-mail at:

The CNPD ensures the confidential treatment of your personal data in the context of these calls for applications. For more information on the treatment of your personal data, we invite you to read the privacy policy

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