PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day

The CNPD will participate in the PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day on 8 June 2023 on the theme of “leadership”. The objective of this event is to promote the inclusion of the topic of cybersecurity and data protection in the governance and culture of organisations. The day offers CEOs, CISOs, DPOs, compliance managers and other stakeholders the opportunity to obtain technical updates, discover promising cybersecurity and privacy solutions and attend dedicated interactive workshops. 

CNPD Chair Tine A. Larsen will deliver a speech on the subject “Why would I need a privacy leader in an organization?” 

CNPD Commissioners Marc Lemmer and Alain Herrmann will speak at an interactive workshop "A Peek at a Data Leak: How to navigate the tough times of a personal data breach?" during which participants will have to react to fictitious data breach situations. This workshop is aimed at private or public sector actors including SMEs and VSEs in the non-financial sector or, for example, the hospital and medical sector. 

Personal data breaches are events that can happen at any moment, despite strong technical and organisational measures in place. During this interactive workshop, participants will go through different scenarios ranging from identification of the breach, to remediation measures including interaction with the CNPD. You will have the unique opportunity to get insights of privacy professionals (CNPD & PwC speakers) helping you navigate the through the breach lifecycle.

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