CNPD participates in the Tech Supreme Court: AI Edition

Maxime Dufour, an agent at the CNPD, will participate in the upcoming Tech Supreme Court, the subject of which will be artificial intelligence. Taking place on 19th October 2023 at 3 pm, the event is organised by Techsense and will be held at the Hemicycle (1 Rue du Fort Thüngen, 1499 Neudorf-Weimershof Luxembourg). It takes the form of a mock trial where charges will be brought by a public prosecutor and heard by a court composed of three judges emeritus, and jurors from the fields of economics, law, technology, and finance. Participants will be arguing the issues and risks related to the development of artificial intelligence.

For this second edition, three main themes will be highlighted:

  • The benefits and risks of artificial intelligence
  • The ethical issues related to the development of artificial intelligence
  • The best ways to regulate artificial intelligence

This innovative event will provide a unique opportunity to collaborate, acquire knowledge, and engage with top-notch specialists in the field while exchanging cutting-edge ideas.

Interested parties can register on the Techsense website. 

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