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The CNPD takes up AI-related issues

In view of the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasingly easy access to all branches of society, the CNPD, as part of its guidance mission, has decided to offer its support to the various public and private players in the Luxembourg ecosystem.

Committed to supporting responsible innovation and the development of a trusted digital economy, the CNPD aims to facilitate the development and use of AI in compliance with legislation on the protection of privacy and personal data, while transparently addressing the practical challenges faced by stakeholders.

The aim of this initiative is to better understand and grasp the difficulties faced by Luxembourg entities when developing or integrating AI into their operations and products. This in-depth understanding will enable the CNPD to put in place appropriate guidelines and tools and to provide the necessary support to stakeholders to comply with legislation relating to the protection of privacy and personal data.

The CNPD invites your organisation and its members to participate in this initiative by sharing their experiences, challenges and expectations in relation to the development and use of AI-based tools. In particular, we would welcome feedback on how critical issues, challenges or solutions related to data protection in the context of AI are being addressed. Contributions could, for example, cover :

- areas of application, development and use of AI (current or planned);

- technical difficulties;

- regulatory difficulties;

- organizational and human resources-related difficulties.

Any feedback can be sent to the CNPD via the following email address:

Contributions will be treated confidentially. They will be used by the CNPD to organise and/or contribute effectively to workshops (DaProLab), training courses, educational material or to organise cycles of artificial intelligence projects in a 'sandbox' context.

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