"Sandkëscht" programme

CNPD launches AI sandbox

Today, the CNPD launched a regulatory sandbox on artificial intelligence (AI), a technology whose rapid progress is raising concerns about privacy and the protection of personal data.

The isolated digital environment allows innovators in the Luxembourg ecosystem to test AI systems for a limited time before they are put on the market. The aim is to help them develop AI applications that comply with the RGPD and therefore respect the privacy of the people concerned.

The ‘Sandkëscht’ programme is dedicated to the development of new technologies and the responsible use of personal data involved. The initiative will make it easier to understand the legal implications of these technologies while encouraging innovation.

To take part in the project, interested parties must meet certain conditions and submit their application from 14 June 2024.

To find out more about the ‘Sandkëscht’ programme, we invite you to join this page (in French) or to take part in the following events:

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