44th Global Privacy Assembly Conference in Istanbul

The Conference of the Global Privacy Assembly will be held from 25 to 28 October 2022 in a hybrid format in İstanbul. The main theme of the Conference is determined as “A Matter of Balance: Privacy in the Era of Rapid Technological Advancements”, aiming to highlight the importance of achieving a balance between privacy and technologies based on data processing.

The Conference consists of an open session, in which member authorities and observer organizations as well as those interested in the field of data protection, business sector, academia, NGOs, professional organizations and press members can participate; and a closed session, which is open only to member authorities and representatives of the observer organizations.

During the Conference, various topics such as AI, big data, blockchain, metaverse and cross-border data transfer will be discussed in terms of privacy by taking into account the current developments in technology, and the event will be held simultaneously in Turkish, English, Spanish and French languages. The agenda of the Closed Session covers the following; accreditation of new countries applying to be a member and presentation of reports by Working Groups operating under GPA, discussions on administrative issues related to the management of GPA, and adoption of Resolutions. 

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