CNPD will be a participant at the RAID conference

On 26 September 2023, the CNPD will be participating in the RAID (Regulation of AI, Internet and Data) conference in Brussels. The event will address the issue of the balance between the regulation of digital technologies and innovation in the difficult context of globalisation.

Marc Lemmer, Commissioner at the CNPD, will take part in the panel "Data protection in a fast-moving world" together with Karolina Mojzesowicz (Deputy Head of the Data Protection Unit, DG Justice, European Commission), Cecilia Alvarez (Director of Privacy Policy Engagement, EMEA, Meta) and Stephen Almond (Director of Innovation, Information Commissioner's Office, UK). The panel will address the following questions: 

  • Is data protection keeping pace with technological developments?
  • Can and should data protection laws provide a single or pre-eminent response to all technological challenges?
  • The digital challenge - interaction between the GDPR and other incoming digital legislation

Natascha Gerlach, Director of Privacy Policy at the Center of information Policy Leadership (CIPL), will moderate the roundtable.

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