The right to delisting

You are visting a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and, when you enter a combination of your first and last name, you find a search result that is wrong or irrelevant. What can you do?

Contact the search engine (check on their website, there is often a dedicated form) and ask for the search result to be delisted. It is necessary that you explain why this result is no longer relevant or wrong.


  • You no longer want your old photos to be accessible via a search engine.
  • Information about your sexual orientation is disseminated.
  • By entering your first and last name in a serach engine, you find an old CV.


  • The delisting of a search result on a search engine does not mean that the information is deleted on the source website. 
  • The right of information of the public can hinder the delisting in certain cases.

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