Related legislation

  • Act of 1 August 2018 (Passenger Name Records)

    Act of 1 August 2018 on the processing of passenger name record data in the context of the prevention and repression of terrorism and serious crime and amending the Act of 5 July 2016 on the reorganisation of the State Intelligence Service.

  • Act of 18 July 2014 (Cybercrime)

    Act of 18 July 2014 concerning the approval of the Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe, opened for signature in Budapest on 23 November 2001.

  • Act of 27 February 2011 (networks and electronic communications services)

    The objectives of the Act of 27 February 2011 are:

    • the creation of a competitive environment for the electronic communications sector and the free exercise of these activities in compliance with legal provisions;
    • the regulation of access to electronic communications networks and associated ressources, as well as their interconnexion for the purpose of creating competition and ensure the interoperability of electronic communications services while providing advantages to consumers;
    • the establishement of consumer and user rights and corresponding obligations of companies providing networks and electronic communication services available to the public;
    • the definition of a universal service in electronic communications;
    • the separation of the regulatory function from the operation of the networks and the provision of electronic communication services.

    Articles 45 et 46 address the safety and integrity of networks and services.

    The Act of 30 May 2005 on the networks and electronic communications services is repealed.

  • Act of 22 December 2006 (cross-border cooperation in terms of anti-terror and crime fight)

    Act about the ratification of the treaty between Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, Austria and Luxembourg about the cross-border cooperation, especially in terms of anti-terror fight, the cross-border crime scene and illegal immigration, as well as the common declaration, signed in Prüm (Germany) on 27th May 2005 / Amendement of the Act of 21 December 2004 concerning the cross-border police assignment, signed in Luxembourg on 8th July 2004 / Amendement of the Act of 25 August 2006 concerning the genetic finger print within penal cases / Amendemend of the Act of 7 March 1980 about the organisation of judiciary agencies.

  • Act of 11 November 2003 on land registration

    This Act makes a number of amendments to the Act of 30 March 1979 (see below) on the digital directory of individuals and makes provision for access to this directory by notaries and other persons creating or executing legal documents transferring rights in respect of real estate. It also introduces the mention of the national identification number of the parties in such documents.

  • Act of 11 August 1982 on the protection of privacy
    This Act covers topics such as human right of personal portrayal (image of a person), determines the criminal penalties for privacy violations and regulates the sale, purchase, lease, possession, manufacture, import, export and transport of equipment designed to commit any of these offenses.

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